Our "Cardano" site caters to a diverse set of users.

I believe that this is causing some unusual challenges and would like to hear what others feel are our biggest challenges and how we might address them.

Please add 1 answer per challenge and use the comments to offer your opinion on them.

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  • Up-votes for answers and questions are both low.
  • People not voting for a question unless they want to know the answer?
  • Need to encourage people to vote for any new decent quality question?

Answers not being accepted

  • People are putting effort into answers and often not getting feedback
  • Posters often don't mark an answer as accepted despite getting multiple answers

Plutus Pioneers

  • Appears to be a lot of new users unfamiliar with Stack Exchange
  • Understandably more focused on Plutus Pioneers than providing quality questions and answers here
  • Lots of transient questions (relevant to a specific cohort)

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