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Vote early, vote often!

Like other Beta sites, such as Operations Research, Matter Modeling and Ethereum, I think it would be a good idea to advertise this voting principle to the Cardano community. This is a condensed ...
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Site icon is very similar to Astronomy.SE

The icon for the site is very similar / identical to that of Astronomy Stack Exchange. On my iPad, the extra horizontal line is not visible; on my MacBook, with a Retina screen, I can see the font is ...
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Enable syntax highlighting for Haskell?

Smart Contracts running on Cardano are mainly written using Haskell. Also, the Plutus Pioneer Program brings in a lot of Haskell developers. So one of the most used, even probably the most used ...
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Cardano is leaving Beta

Today we are leaving the Public Beta of the Stack Exchange. Good job everyone. Keep it up by posting questions and most importantly, answers.
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Announcing a Pro Tempore Moderator election

Summary: Cardano Stack Exchange will begin the nomination stage for a special election on May 31 to bring in your three inaugural pro-tem moderators — congratulations on making it out of private Beta! ...
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Can we have MathJax enabled?

Cardano is unlike other cryptocurrencies, in that it's development is significantly based on research papers as listed on the organization's site. Many of these publications involve math. On MMSE we ...
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Could a CM help us make some tag synonyms?

There are ones which I think would be appropriate so far: "non-fungible-token" for nft. "transactions-per-second" for tps. "decentralized-applications" for dapps. ...
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What should be on topic here?

The help center about what topics you can ask about here is really vague, saying just If your question is not specifically on-topic for Cardano Stack Exchange, it may be on topic for another Stack ...
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2021: a year in moderation

As we say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one, we have a tradition of sharing moderation stats for the preceding calendar year. As most of you here are aware, sites on the Stack Exchange ...
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I always see a notification for a low quality post review but my queue is empty. Why does this happen?

For some days now I always see a red notification dot on the review queues button: But when I click on the "Low Quality Posts" tab, my queue is empty. I think this is because it's a ...
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Is syntax highlighting not working for Cardano SE?

Code syntax highlighting doesn't seem to work. Is this a bug or just a feature that needs to be enabled? I have tried adding the languages examples from What is Syntax highlighting... These are ...