Like other Beta sites, such as Operations Research, Matter Modeling and Ethereum, I think it would be a good idea to advertise this voting principle to the Cardano community. This is a condensed version of Atwood's "Vote Early, Vote Often" post.

"I cannot state this strongly enough. Voting is absolutely critical to the formation of a healthy SE site. And this is never more true than in Private and early Public beta.
You don't have to agree with an answer to vote it up!"

Quoting Robert Cartaino from chat:

"Vote, vote, vote. Encourage others to vote, vote, vote. On good content, leave signposts ("If you like this, please vote it up. It's important for the community!")-- in both meta and the main site. Maybe a few meta posts informing the users of the important of that type of participation. You are empowered a lot more than you know."

Credits to Dawny33.


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