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How to get in touch with Stack Exchange moderators?

We would like to get in touch with SE moderators, to try to promote our space out of beta, but it has proven more difficult than expected. Anyone more familiar with the SE space, any idea?
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1 answer

We may need to promote the site more (still in Private Beta!)

Sorry everyone, that I have been a bit tied up with some non-StackExchange things in the last couple weeks. I was meaning to participate more and write this post earlier, but time was tight. As ...
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1 answer

Private Beta for 22+ days?

The email we all received on 27 April contained: Q: How long will the private beta last? A: Private betas generally last 1-2 weeks while you prepare the site for opening day. Once the site is ...
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Why do I have close vote privileges, but no edit privileges?

I can vote to close any question, as well as reopen any question. I presume this is because no one on the site has more than 3,000+ reputation. However, there are users with 2,000+ reputation, meaning ...
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Could a CM help us make some tag synonyms?

There are ones which I think would be appropriate so far: "non-fungible-token" for nft. "transactions-per-second" for tps. "decentralized-applications" for dapps. ...
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Could we have some leniency to this new user?

I am aware that moderators (and CMs) will not discuss why a user was suspended and I am totally not complaining about that right now, nor am I asking for details about what happened, but the user that ...
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5 votes
0 answers

Can we have MathJax enabled?

Cardano is unlike other cryptocurrencies, in that it's development is significantly based on research papers as listed on the organization's site. Many of these publications involve math. On MMSE we ...
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