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Is syntax highlighting not working for Cardano SE?

Code syntax highlighting doesn't seem to work. Is this a bug or just a feature that needs to be enabled? I have tried adding the languages examples from What is Syntax highlighting... These are ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Dark Theme for the Cardano Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange allows the creation of themes for individual sites however it doesn't provide anything by default beyond the default light theme for new sites. Would it be possible to set up an ...
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1 answer

Is there a site-specific help section?

I would like to see somewhere that we could define site-specific guidelines and help for users. E.G. Opinion based questions should be asked on Reddit When will.... questions are unsuitable unless... ...
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6 votes
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Enable syntax highlighting for Haskell?

Smart Contracts running on Cardano are mainly written using Haskell. Also, the Plutus Pioneer Program brings in a lot of Haskell developers. So one of the most used, even probably the most used ...
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2 answers

Could edit rules be relaxed?

So far I have hit two rules which discouraged simple cleanup edits - I tried to add a brief note to the Edit Summary field, but it requires either 0 or 10+ characters. I tried to correct "...
5 votes
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Can we have MathJax enabled?

Cardano is unlike other cryptocurrencies, in that it's development is significantly based on research papers as listed on the organization's site. Many of these publications involve math. On MMSE we ...